Do It Right Now.

Vinyl and CD release 2th April 2022.
Live at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
Concert start 9 PM.

Digital album release 8th April 2022.


Zo Popi performs playful music, transcending conventional genres. Do you appreciate variation, skilled craftmanship and thoughtful details? In Zo Popi you will find music inspired by the dynamics of Igor Stravinsky, the chord progressions of Joni Mitchell, the playfulness and craziness of Frank Zappa, 70s folk rock such as that of Jethro Tull, the softness of Astrud and João Gilberto, the melodic lines of Jan Garbarek, the atonality of Alban Berg, the fragility of Robert Wyatt, Patti Smith’s attitude, Neil Young’s heaviness, Steve Reich’s minimalism, the danceability of Talking Heads, the catchy airiness of Steely Dan, the melancholy of Arne Nordheim, and The Who’s energy. Zo Popi’s compositions are offered to you, as a gift. Will you accept? No bullshit accepted! Enjoy the Zo Popi’s chamber music from Boogie Woogie Land!

“There is no such thing as beginnings or endings. But there is such thing as movements, changes and waves.